Microformats empowering your markup for Web 2.0

By John Allsopp

This book is a comprehensive guide to microformats. It explores why, in Bill Gates's words, "We need microformats"; how microformats work; and the kinds of problems microformats help solve. the book covers every current microformat, with complete details of the syntax, semantics, and uses of each, along with real-world examples and a comprehensive survey of the tools available for working with them. the book also features case studies detailing how major web content publishers such as yahoo put microformats to work in their web applications.

About the Book

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What's inside the box

Download full table of contents (PDF) to see everything you'll learn about in the book.

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Download the chapter on the GEO and ADR microformats (PDF) to get a flavor of what the book is like, and learn all there is to know about these simple but really useful formats.

You can also download the appendices, which make a comprehensive reference for all the currently widely used microformats


Download all the resources you need to follow along with the book.

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About the Author

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